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Deliver Net founder, Tim Lockett, begins supplying consumables to the care home sector


Deliver Net Ltd incorporated. Company has one van, one employee and one customer.


Company secures first major contract - Four Seasons Healthcare - a contract held ever since.


First versions of PICS (Predictive Inventory Control System) is launched. The UK's first cloud-based budget management tool for care homes.


Northern Ireland depot opens its doors. The company now has a fleet of 20 trucks, 75 employees and a turnover exceeding £20 million

We've been supplying the care home sector for over 25 years.
From a single truck to a high-tech warehouse, chairman & founder Tim Lockett explains how far we've come.
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My family has been involved in care since I was a young boy.

My parents started a Nursing home in the seventies and it has been in my blood ever since. I’ve witnessed at first hand the amazing work that care homes do and the positive impact it can have on those most vulnerable in enhancing their quality of life.

At the time we were actually a customer of a company that was a competitor, their service did not meet our needs satisfactorily and we felt they took us somewhat for granted. I wanted to run as a company that understood and empathised with the care market.

I felt that I would instinctively understand the standard of service required and the quality of products that we needed to provide.
changed everything...
Deliver Net is the second distribution business that I have started from scratch, having sold another distribution business in the 90’s. Ironically it was a former customer and a supplier that persuaded me to have another go."
Deliver Net had just 4 employees in 2000 operating a single HGV vehicle. Around the turn of the century, the industry was going through great change. In the 90’s we considered a group of homes of around 5 as being quite large, today it can be more than 500.

In addition to an acceleration of new builds and conversions, there was a great deal of acquisition activity which ensured some groups were going to grow at phenomenal rates.

I felt that if I understood this and utilised other commercial changes, such as the growth of business internet activity and the desire for greater efficiencies and controls to be put in place as customers grew I could successfully grow the business. The internet changed everything.

At the same time there was a B-2-B business explosion and we launched the industry’s first cloud based online ordering portal in 2003 which started to help customers in managing and monitoring their expenditure more effectively.

Today 95% of all our orders are keyed in by our customers who truly have control at their fingertips.
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We're privileged to provide a service to the care sector

Looking back, I’m most proud of seeing our people develop and grow with the business and hearing customer feedback that we are making a tangible difference to the quality of care that they provide. 

It has also been truly humbling to witness the extra mile that so many of the staff are prepared to go to in order to deliver or service. 

My mind goes back to a particularly severe winter during which we did not miss a single delivery, although a few were delayed as drivers waded through snow drifts to deliver products. 

We are privileged to provide a service to customers that care for our most treasured and vulnerable members of our society.

We are not quite the fifth emergency service, but we all understand the importance of the products we supply.