Deliver Net supports many more businesses as the Covid 19 shop successfully launched on-line.

Deliver Net helps to drive down market prices and stop profiteering by making its UK stocks of PPE available to all business whilst the Government extends PPE VAT 0% to help people getting back to work, and makes mask wearing mandatory.

Last month saw the full launch of the Covid 19 shop allowing any businesses to buy PPE at low prices. Stocks are held in the warehouse at Skipton and most things have been freely available and delivered next day so that people didn’t have to panic buy. 

The only restrictions were Nitrile gloves which were limited in supply and now are only available for CQC registered businesses. Everything else has been available to meet demand and key lines like the Type IIR face masks have been on both a ‘price guarantee’ and a bulk buy offer of 40X50 packs at £1,000 (so, 50p each). 

Many prices have been reduced as new stocks arrived by sea as opposed to products that were initially flown in to support the care sector at the height of the PPE crisis.

With the government’s recently issued guidelines for the use of masks in shops, along with some healthcare experts concerns about a second wave, it’s a good time to be prepared. 

Many were caught off guard by demand in March and April, with prices spiralling out of control. 

Deliver Net is determined to offer support for all businesses where it can at prices that are affordable.

New products and prices are being added all of the time, so it is worth checking on a regular basis. 

For speed, it was necessary to use the ecommerce platform for Dementia Signs which is now out of date but a new website is due shortly and that will improve things significantly.