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Deliver Net Supports British manufacturing with UK made masks and visors

Last month Deliver Net replaced its standard Type IIR facemask with its first British made mask to complement the face visor already supplied that is made in the North West of England. Like many businesses during the crisis, Deliver Net decided, where possible, to support home grown manufacturing and supply, as part of helping the UK economy to get back on its feet.

Apart from the desire to support British manufacturers, the issue of shipping or freight costs and delays has proved problematic during the crisis and has contributed significantly to high costs, lack of availability and subsequent profiteering. 

The majority of supplies of PPE have been from China and with the urgency for delivery at the start of the crisis many products such as masks, were flown in to the UK to meet unprecedented demand. 

Furthermore, the complexity of getting stock and the many ‘middlemen’ involved in the process left the UK consumer vulnerable to non-compliant or sub-standard products, only identified when they finally landed here in the UK. 

Tim Lockett, founder of Deliver Net chose to avoid unknown suppliers and potentially run stock levels very low in order to avoid risking selling fake or inferior products, particularly for KN95 Face Masks. 

The new masks are £9.75 for 50 i.e. 19.5p each and there is a price guarantee to support what Deliver Net believes to be the lowest UK price. 

Similarly, there are price guarantees in place for the British face visor or shield and several of the range of products in the Covid 19 online shop.