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Company News, Covid-19

As the market for PPE widens and then matures new products are being identified and sourced. The latest is the sleeved gown which is an addition to the range of disposable surgical aprons for hospitals and care homes.

Along with a new and cheaper digital Thermometer, the range has been strengthened and improved to meet increasing needs for the Autumn and Winter.

Following the successful arrival last month of the sleeved gowns provide a further level of approved medical grade protection for carers and patients alike. Adding to the range of disposable aprons used by amongst others, the NHS.

The new gowns if used in conjunction with medical grade KN95 face masks, Nitrile or Vinyl gloves and protective face visors together provide a hospital standard of protection if needed.

The new digital thermometer not only replaces the old Sejoy DET 306 but it is a better solution at a lower price.

Tim Lockett and the team are constantly striving to find and supply better and lower costs solutions. Every business is impacted by Covid 19 and undoubtedly there is an added layer of cost now incurred by businesses to maintain high standards of safety or Covid security. Deliver Net aim to partner and support rather than exploit which is why when prices could be reduced they have been, even if that means selling products at prices below cost that were paid for them at the height of the pandemic.


Company News, Covid-19

Following the almost daily additions to local measures to reduce the ‘R’ rate, the UK seems to be heading towards another full lock-down. Some are arguing that this would help ‘re-set’ the country and remove local confusions. We have been supplying all type of businesses since the launch of the website in May.

Initially Deliver Net focussed its efforts on care homes during lock-down but as it had more than enough stocks of PPE warehoused here in the UK for next day delivery, the website was turned into an online shop and opened its doors to the British business universe starting with other care related businesses including GP’s, dentists, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists to name just a few. 

Beyond that factories, schools, shops, barbers, hairdressers, beauticians and nurseries took advantage of the falling prices, next day delivery and price guarantees that Deliver Net established for the key products such as the Type IIR face masksAprons and face visors that became the mainstream front line defences against the Virus. 

The significant advantage that Deliver Net had was 25 years of experience in supplying these products before the Pandemic arrived on our shores. 

Not only did Deliver Net have the supply lines in place, it also had a significant investment in stocks held locally in its warehouses that it could collect and deliver via its own fleet of lorries. 

“The Business and its staff worked around the clock to ensure that Care Homes and British businesses received regular supplies of key medical grade consumables such as KN95 masks, many thousands of 5 litre antimicrobial hand sanitisers, disposable aprons, face shields and face visors”, added Pauline Birch Sales Director at Deliver Net. 

“The team has worked tirelessly whilst establishing its own Covid-secure environment and in order to avoid running out of stock of much sought after Nitrile gloves that were highly inflated in price in the market, Deliver Net maintained its low price but restricted access to just those businesses that were Care Quality Commission registered”, Pauline added. 

Deliver Net has once again built up stocks and reduced prices in preparation for the next phase of demand and anticipation of some significant growth in needs for the coming winter months.


Company News, Covid-19

Last month Deliver Net replaced its standard Type IIR facemask with its first British made mask to complement the face visor already supplied that is made in the North West of England. Like many businesses during the crisis, Deliver Net decided, where possible, to support home grown manufacturing and supply, as part of helping the UK economy to get back on its feet.

Apart from the desire to support British manufacturers, the issue of shipping or freight costs and delays has proved problematic during the crisis and has contributed significantly to high costs, lack of availability and subsequent profiteering. 

The majority of supplies of PPE have been from China and with the urgency for delivery at the start of the crisis many products such as masks, were flown in to the UK to meet unprecedented demand. 

Furthermore, the complexity of getting stock and the many ‘middlemen’ involved in the process left the UK consumer vulnerable to non-compliant or sub-standard products, only identified when they finally landed here in the UK. 

Tim Lockett, founder of Deliver Net chose to avoid unknown suppliers and potentially run stock levels very low in order to avoid risking selling fake or inferior products, particularly for KN95 Face Masks. 

The new masks are £9.75 for 50 i.e. 19.5p each and there is a price guarantee to support what Deliver Net believes to be the lowest UK price. 

Similarly, there are price guarantees in place for the British face visor or shield and several of the range of products in the Covid 19 online shop.