18″ Seat Transit / Attendant-Propelled Wheelchair

If you can’t get about as well as you used to, but have a spouse or family member to take you out, this lightweight travel chair could be ideal. Light enough to carry around and simple enough to fold down to fit in the boot, it’s perfect for shopping trips, hospital visits or just getting out for some fresh air. The foot rests are removable if required and swing away conveniently when sitting or raising off the chair. Wipe-clean, padded nylon seat, armrests and backrest are practical and comfortable. The chair features 8-inch solid wheels to the front and rear, with the wheels to the rear featuring handbrakes on both sides. Product Features Foldable, lightweight transit chair – designed to be pushed by a friend or carer. Wipe-clean nylon seat covers and armrest also provide padding for comfort. 8-Inch puncture proof wheels with handbrakes to the rear. Comfortable foot rests can be locked, swung away or removed altogether.
Weight 12 kg

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